Maple For Math Majors

Here are links to a collection of Maple worksheets that make up an introductory textbook on using and programming Maple. More information about these worksheets is given in the Introduction. This is a work in progress. Not all of these worksheets are complete. These worksheets are currently being converted from Maple V Release 5 to Maple 8, so most of them are Maple 8 worksheets but some of them are still Maple V Release 5 worksheets. If you have need for them, there is also a complete set of Maple V Release 5 worksheets available.

You need a copy of Maple to work with these worksheets. Maple 8 will work best and Maple 6, 7, 9, or 9.5 should work with most of the worksheets. You can use a web browser to download a worksheet and then you can use Maple to open and work with the worksheet. (You can also use a web browser to view a PDF version of each worksheet.)

If after you click on one of these links you get a page full of nonsense, then return to this page and "right click" (i.e., use the right mouse button) on the link that you want. Most browsers will pop up a "context menu." Depending on your browser, you should click on the "Save Target As ..." menu item or the "Save Link As ..." menu item. Then the browser will ask you where you would like to save the worksheet.

Detailed Table of Contents

A brief explanation of the purpose of these worksheets and some advice on how to use them.

Worksheet 1: Maple Basics (PDF version)
A overview of what Maple can do and how to work with it, plus some information about using Maple's help system and working with Maple worksheets.

Worksheet 2: Variables, Assignment, and Equations (PDF version)
Variables, variable names, assignment versus equality, and equations.

Worksheet 3: Solving Equations (PDF version)
Using the solve command to solve single equations and systems of equations, plus an introduction to RootOf expressions

Worksheet 4: Functions in Maple (PDF version)
A look at the two ways to represent mathematical functions in Maple.

Worksheet 5: Graphs of Functions and Equations (PDF version)
Examples of drawing two and three dimensional graphs with Maple and demonstrations of some of Maple's more sophisticated graphing abilities.

Worksheet 6: How Maple Draws Graphs (PDF version)
An explanation of some of the algorithms used by Maple for drawing graphs of functions and equations.

Worksheet 7: Mathematical Identities and Maple's Assume Facility (PDF version)
How to demonstrate identities in Maple and an introduction to Maple's assume facility.

Worksheet 8: Manipulating and Simplifying Expressions (PDF version)
Details of working with the factor, combine, expand and simplify commands.

Worksheet 9: Maple as a Numeric Calculator (PDF version)
Examples of how to do numeric calculations with Maple.

Worksheet 10: Some Grammar (PDF version)
An introduction to the ideas of syntax, parsing, and semantics.

Worksheet 11: Maple's Evaluation Rules (PDF version)
An introduction to how Maple evaluates expressions.

Worksheet 12: Data Structures in Maple (PDF version)
An introduction to the concepts of data types and data structures, some of Maple's built in data types, some commands for making and manipulating Maple's data structures, and why Maple expressions are data structures.

Worksheet 13: Procedures in Maple (PDF version)
Procedure definitions, formal and actual parameters, local and global variables, procedure calls, return values, and why Maple functions are procedures.

Worksheet 14: Maple's Control Statements (PDF version)
Maple's conditional and repetition statements, and an introduction to programming.

Worksheet 15: Manipulating Data Structures with Procedures (PDF version)
A naive introduction to Maple programming and to how Maple works.

Solutions worksheet
Solutions to most of the exercises.

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